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Best Residual Income Opportunities

Have you heard that Javita offers one of the best residual income opportunities, and you’re curious about why? Maybe you have friends involved with other residual income business ideas and you love the thought of being your own boss and working on your terms, but you’ve seen too many changes in the market, so you’re nervous.

Javita’s residual income business opportunity is rooted in a product that more than half of the world already consumes on a daily basis — often more than once daily.

How many coffee drinkers do you know? Can’t count them all? Recent research suggests that American citizens alone consume more than 400 million cups of coffee per day. On top of that, hundreds of people long for more energy, fat burning power, weight loss and optimal health, but they don’t know how to achieve these things. They’ve been burned by chalky snack bars and drink mixes that require a nose plug to choke down.

Javita’s products combine needs that everyone has — health, fat burning and energy — with a product that they already use. Our ingredients come from all over the world, working together to create a carefully-blended and nourishing recipe that research shows to be effective, thus making Javita one of the best residual income opportunities available.


Some of our best-selling drinks include:

  • Burn + Control: Infused with natural herbs that taste like your favorite cup of Joe, while helping you burn more fat and speed up your metabolism.
  • Energy + Focus: Delivers a whopping boost of antioxidants and specialty herbs to provide more energy, more focus and a mental alertness unlike your average cup of coffee.
  • FocusFusion Cocoa: This cup of hot cocoa will warm your soul while improving circulation and battling inflammation; it harnesses the benefits of cocoa with a boost of naturally occurring Flavanols.

As a residual income business opportunity, Javita offers more than just the paycheck for selling coffee and recruiting members to our coffee club. We are a community, centered on teamwork — not competition. These products help our consumers, and our company helps our teammates. Join Bill and Dawn Ball’s team to jump on one of the best residual income opportunities currently available.