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Best Startup Home Based Business

Javita is arguably the best startup home based business, and we are adding to our community of engaged and energetic sellers.

Our startup home based businesses are centered on community values and works with a product that practically sells itself. This is not one of those run-of-the-mill startup home based opportunities that burns out after a year or less. Javita’s products last. And you can enjoy them yourself of make money by selling them to others.


What are these miracle products?

  • ActiveBlendz™ for an active lifestyle: These five different tea drinks are perfect for the go-getter who doesn’t have time to be tired. That everyday superhero with a to-do list longer than his or her arm will love the loads of natural energy, fruity flavors and other benefits of this series. Different drinks are designed to harness nature’s power for fat burning, immune system growth, digestive health, joint health and mental clarity. ActiveBlendz packs a powerful punch and helps drive the best startup home based business in the game.
  • Burn + Control: This coffee drink is infused with herbs from around the world that give you much more than you’d expect from a cup o’ joe. By limiting your appetite and boosting your metabolism, Burn + Control increases your energy and helps you burn fat and lose weight. The best part? It costs less than a coffee at your average café in town. This is our signature product, and many know Javita for it.
  • FocusFusion Cocoa: Not everyone wants coffee or tea, but we want to help everyone change their lives positively. This hot cocoa beverage includes naturally occurring antioxidants and flavanols that boost mental clarity and focus, leading to healthier brain function. This is perfect for a tasty treat.

Our best startup home based business has more product lines, too. By researching the benefits of our natural ingredients, our engineers have found the perfect formula to reach the fullest natural potential of each drink. Our name, Javita, comes from two words: Java (coffee) and Vita (life). This coffee line can help you change your life and make your own money. If that sounds like a future you’d be proud of, contact Bill and Dawn Ball of the Javita family to join the team.