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How To Make Residual Income

As you sit and wonder how to make residual income, you’re probably sipping on a nice cup of one of the most often consumed beverages in the world: coffee.

It’s natural, has some health benefits and can come in endless flavors and variations. But what if coffee could help you lose weight? Give you even MORE energy in that first cup? What if coffee could help you finally take that family vacation, or pay for your tuition to get that degree? Does it sound too good to be true?

Lucky for you, it’s completely possible. Javita rises above all other residual income ideas with our specialty coffee blends. If you are wondering how to make residual income, the answer is simple: sell a product that everyone already buys or build your own sales force around it.

The key to this residual income business is to make your product more enticing, which is as simple as can be with Javita. What puts our line of single-serve, instant beverages above other residual income ideas?

  • Our ingredients. Sourced from all over the world, we harness the power of natural herbs from China, India, Japan and more. Natives of these countries have leveraged the benefits of these herbs for centuries.
  • Our recipes. These products wouldn’t sell if people didn’t love the taste. They’d flop like the chalky drink mixes and flavorless protein bars from last week’s health fad. For those millions of people who already love a cup of coffee, Javita offers residual income opportunities rooted in a familiar pleasure.
  • The benefits. Our products target different needs; each client can tailor their drinks to their specific needs. You could focus on fat burning, inflammation, cleansing your body and more. Of course, all of our products increase energy even more than coffee would.
  • The cost. Our coffee drinks cost less than a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop or fast food restaurant – all while offering added benefits.

Stop asking how to make residual income and start taking control of your weight loss, your energy, and your income. Join the Javita team today to change your life.