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New Business Ideas

Javita’s new business ideas are perfectly shaped for your own business, whether you are looking for full-time or part-time opportunities. We are rooted in a product that half the world already drinks and a genuine desire to help others change their lives positively.

Our business ideas for a home based business steer away from petty competition and greed; we believe that teamwork and helping raise others up is what helps everyone succeed.

Are any business opportunities for a home business easier than getting paid to drink coffee, lose weight and feel better overall? Whether you want to shed a few pounds or just have more energy, Javita’s coffees, teas and cocoas will help you reach those goals while providing you with a prime business opportunity.

Our drinks include herbs and other natural ingredients from around the world. We aren’t a thoughtless, act-before-thinking group like some other new business ideas. From Asia to South America, we have searched for the perfect ingredients to harness the full power of the earth’s natural healing remedies. Our drinks help our consumers in a myriad of ways:

  • Cleansing the body of toxins and flushing out impurities using candle bush and fennel extracts in our Herbal Cleanse Tea.
  • Increasing mental clarity and alertness with our Energy + Focus brew, which is jam-packed with extra energy from Gotu Kola and green tea. Kiss that fading memory goodbye.
  • Appetite control, immune system defense and natural energy from our ActiveBlendz™ products, which come in a variety of fruity, natural flavors

And, that’s not even the half of what our business ideas for a home based business has to offer. These products practically sell themselves. We don’t need sneaky practices or big campaigns on TV and billboards. Just try our products for a few days and you will see for yourself how the perfect cup of coffee can change your life. You can share with friends and family to start earning money, too!

So many of these new business ideas pit sellers against sellers and inspire competition and greed. Javita, however, aims to build a community of people who want to help each other change for the better. If that sounds good to you, contact Bill and Dawn Ball today to find your place in the Javita family.