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New Home Based Business Ideas

Javita is different from other new home based business ideas. Our new business opportunities from home are rooted in ancient technology — utilizing the earth’s most precious resources in ways that our ancestors have for centuries, but adding a modern twist.

Coffee is a staple of the modern world. More than half of the world drinks it! Where coffee isn’t popular, there’s tea — another warm, natural drink for an energy boost with healing properties. But what if those healing properties could be multiplied tenfold?

At Javita, that’s exactly what we wanted from our new business ideas from home: a way to take a reliable, favorite drink and turn it into something even more amazing. Now that we have unlocked the formula by exploring the world for the premium ingredients we needed, you can take advantage of our new home based business ideas to change your life.


Drink, share and sell weight loss coffee and tea

Coffee energizes — yes. But Javita’s coffee energizes its drinkers on a whole new level. Not only will you have more energy than the average cup of coffee, you’ll experience a sharper mental focus from our Energy + Focus line.

Looking to kick those habits with highly refined sugar and unnecessary snacking? Our Lean + Green line can help you leave them behind for good with Gymnema Sylvestre, a natural appetite suppressant and sugar blocker.

Maybe coffee isn’t your favorite, but you still want to boost your immune system, control your appetite and sugar cravings, improve your digestive tract, and increase mental clarity. Our ActiveBlendz line of tea offers all of that, and more.


You can make money while changing lives!

Of course, these drinks sound amazing, but you might be wondering: are these reliable new business ideas from home? How do you know?

Our founders have run their own businesses since they were 18, getting smarter and richer every day since. Now they want to pass that knowledge and success to their driven, flexible focused sales team.

If you are sick of being chained down by the shift you work, our new home based business ideas can help you break free. Take control of your life. Be your own boss. Join Javita today!