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Passive Income Opportunities

Javita provides the best passive income opportunities available today. We allow anyone — from the stay-at-home mom to a former CEO — the ability to earn a substantial income with minimal work. That’s why Javita has quickly climbed the ladder in the direct-selling industry.

Excellent income to risk ratio

Other passive income business models require significant start-up expenses and operational overhead. These methods leave you with tons of risk while not offering the amount of income you want. Javita has developed a product line of weight-loss and nutritional coffees and teas that people actually want. We provide them to our members to sell, meaning Javita has taken the risk load, leaving you with nothing but the income potential.

Have those under you make money for you

Our passive income streams are excellent for those looking to manage their own teams. Essentially, our wonderful business model allows you to build a team of sales associates and then earn from the sales they generate. Essentially, you put in the work in the beginning to grow your team and then your team becomes passive income sources.

Perhaps the best part of our passive income opportunities is your ability to renew your family’s finances while not taking you away from your loved ones. After all, what would be the sense in making more money if you aren’t with your family to spend it?

Experience unlimited earning potential while you change lives

With the passive income business model of Javita, you can earn as much as you want. Do you only want to earn enough to pay off your debt? You can do that with Javita. Want to be able to quit your job and be your own boss? Javita can make that happen for you, too. Many of our members have even been able to retire early.

To get started with our passive income opportunities — give Java Empower Group a call. Our team of experts will help you find the best route and ensure you experience the success you are looking for.