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Simple Home Based Business Ideas

At Javita, our simple home based business ideas help us accomplish our simple mission: to help millions of people positively change their lives by being a beacon of light and leading by example.

In this day and age, there is no shortage of simple home based business opportunities. Left and right, new products are popping up with the promise of quick riches tied to new, shiny products. But not all of these simple home based business ideas are built to last; in fact, most of them fizzle out after, at best, a couple of years.

Javita was founded by life-long entrepreneurs. They’ve been their own bosses since founding a successful construction company at 18 years old. They loved making money on our own terms, but recently realized they had a greater purpose: to mentor those with the same dreams.


Build your business around an innovative product line

For any simple home based business to start, you need dedication, drive and a market for your product. Javita has made the last one easy with our cutting-edge weight loss coffee. How many people do you know who drink coffee or tea? How many of them would like to have more energy, healthier joints and even shed a few pounds? If you know at least one person in both of those categories, you can start your business and watch it thrive.

See, that’s the magic of Javita: This is not our first rodeo in simple home based business opportunities. We have years of experience shaping our sales and learning what consumers want. After developing the concept for our weight loss coffees, we spent significant time developing the product itself. It’s important to us that our product works and brings positive changes to everyone using it safely, affordably and healthily. That’s why we source natural herbs and ingredients our drinks cost less than a trip to a coffee shop.

If being your own boss and making money while helping others sounds better than the other simple home based business ideas you’ve come across, join our team. Submit your information on our contact form right now to get started.