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Small Businesses Ideas From Home

Is it your dream to execute small business ideas from home? Instead of having to drag yourself to a stifling day job, why not start researching businesses that can be run from home?

You deserve an opportunity to make a great living without having to change out of your pajamas — you need Javita. At the Java Empower Group, we offer the solution for businesses to run from home that can make a difference in your life and the life of your family. Let us provide you with the direct sale products that can change the way you do business while revolutionizing the coffee industry. We are proud to support you in your entrepreneurial goals.

Small business ideas from home that give you flexibility and potential for growth

Selling Javita products is fun and easy with the help of the Java Empower Group. Our team provides exceptional resources for ambitious entrepreneurs. If you love coffee, this is the right business for you. With products that cost less than a coffee from an outside shop, but that offer far more health benefits than traditional beverages.

In fact, if you are choosing among businesses that can be run from home, Javita and the Java Empower Group offer the best opportunities for new entrepreneurs. Our products include:

  • Coffee with energy-boosting properties
  • Beverage with weight loss and metabolism support
  • Cocoas and teas for non-coffee drinkers
  • And, proprietary herb blends that support overall health for your clients.

In addition to all of these great benefits, Javita’s small business ideas from home really deliver when it comes to rewards and incentives. Earn vacations, tuition repayment and even a luxury car payment through our specialized incentives programs. You deserve the opportunity to make a difference while making a living — with Javita, you can do both. Contact Bill and Dawn Ball today to learn more and get started in your personal business endeavor.