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Small Online Business Ideas

Looking for small online business ideas that don’t require you to make a huge capital investment? Most people dream of being their own boss, but only a small fraction of those have the resources to build a business from the ground up.

This leaves them searching for small business ideas from home that that are simple, scalable and turnkey in nature. And, that’s exactly what you get with Javita!

Do you want to work in a multi-billion-dollar industry? Do you want to take on a venture that actually can benefit your clients? Javita does both of these with our weight loss coffee and teas. Made with a custom blend of powerful botanicals and herbs, Javita has created an extensive line of coffee and tea beverages that offer an abundance of benefits — most notably enhancing fat burning and weight loss abilities.


Easy small business opportunities from home

Most people would dream of being able to sell an innovative, game-changing product like Javita’s coffee and teas. Now, you can, and it’s painfully simple thanks to our available business opportunities.

As one of the leading small online business ideas, you can sell Javita products and recruit members to your own sales staff without:

  • Overhead: The buy-in for our small business ideas from home is minimal. You can get started on a life-changing endeavor for just a couple hundred dollars!
  • Inventory: You don’t have to fill up your garage or spare room with Javita products — we can ship them on demand as you sell them.
  • Employees: You are your own boss — you don’t have to pay employees or manage a staff. You call the shots!

Javita’s business opportunities are the epitome of freedom and independence. Whether you’re looking to make some supplemental income or want to launch your own entrepreneurial endeavor, Javita is waiting with outstanding products, a helpful staff and all the resources needed to set you up for success.

Bill and Dawn Ball can talk to you about one of the leading small online business ideas and how you can get involved right away!