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Start Your Own Business Ideas

Looking for ways to start your own business ideas that can help you do more than just make money? Javita’s range of coffees, teas and hot cocoa provide many more benefits than the average hot drink. After you try our drinks and see the amazing results for yourself, you can start your own business from home to make money while spreading the benefits of this amazing product.

When looking to start your own business opportunities, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the corporate world. Buy, sell, nothing more — right? Not at Javita. We only get one life. At Javita, we want to make the most of it. Of course, we also love coffee…who doesn’t? With Javita, you can use coffee to start your own business from home.

What makes our coffees and teas so special?

  • Stop sugar cravings: Our specialty Lean + Green coffee can help you kick that habit of highly refined sugar, which has been compared to cocaine in medical journals around the world and increases signs of aging, weight gain, fatigue and even depression.
  • Increase your mental focus: Our teas, coffees and even our hot cocoa all do more than just give a quick caffeine boost. All of our drinks utilize flavanols found in natural herbs and other ingredients to boost mental clarity so your thinking is sharper than ever before — something you’ll need when working to start your own business ideas.
  • Weight loss, antioxidant boost and inflammation control: You name it, our natural ingredients can help you through it. By scouring the world for the richest herbs and ingredients from four different continents, we have found a way to harness the full potential of our drinks to lead to a healthier mind and body for each of our consumers.

You get more than just a product discount when you join our team. You get the freedom to live on your own time – without clocking in or out. If you are looking to start your own business ideas and be your own boss, Javita’s community has a place for your success.