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Top Residual Income Business

Many companies claim to offer the top residual income opportunities to lure you into getting involved, but they quickly bottom out. Everyone’s wearing the new shirts until the style changes or buying the newest makeup until it dries up and the business goes with it.

These companies boast the top residual income ideas, but their products don’t have longevity. Javita is the only residual income business that is rooted in teamwork, community and products that never go out of style. In fact, half of the entire world has been consuming it for a long time.

Javita’s top residual income opportunities are rooted in a simple concept that we’ve turned into brilliance: coffee.

How many cups have you had today? What about your friends — do they like to start the day or jump start the afternoon with a cup of java? Javita can help them jump start their lives and their health instead. Our top residual income ideas are simple. If you know people who like coffee, tea and losing weight or gaining health, you can sell this product — all while enjoying its benefits yourself.


Some of our most popular products are:

  • ActiveBlendz™: For all of the go-getters out there looking to tackle that to-do list and maintain optimal health. Different blends can help you address inflammation, strengthen your immune system, energize your mind and body, control your appetite, promote weight loss and more.
  • Burn + Control: This is a coffee drink infused with natural, specialty herbs that speed up fat-burning and control appetite to help your metabolism move faster.
  • Herbal Cleanse Tea: This tea is designed to expose and remove the impurities that have settled in your body and make weight loss, energy and immune support more difficult to obtain.

These are only some of Javita’s many products that can turn your life around. To get the most of these top residual income opportunities, you can join our team. Not only will you get the benefit of being your own boss and earning income your own way, but you will be part of a community of movers and shakers. If this appeals to you, call Bill and Dawn Ball today and they’ll help you master the Javita way.