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Ways To Make Residual Income

There are a lot of ways to make residual income out there. When you’re trying to earn income from home, it can be tough to know which opportunity is the most reliable.

Javita offers a proven way to earn residual income while becoming part of a community — a greater purpose. Our company is successful for a few key reasons – things that other direct sales organizations cannot offer.

  • The product. There are many ways to make income from home, but product makes or breaks it. The new products popping up in direct sales run on the high of their novelty before flopping and leaving those that invested behind. Javita, however, is based on a product already used by more than half of the world: coffee. Our coffee costs less than a cup from local coffee shops and offers even more than just a hit of caffeine and new ways to make residual income.
  • The benefits. Our name, Javita, is made from the combination of two terms: Java (coffee) and Vita (Latin for life). These drinks do more than just taste amazing and boost your energy levels like the average cup of Joe. With specialized blends that utilize herbs and flavors from across the world, our coffees, teas and cocoas can reduce inflammation, increase fat burn, sharpen focus and alertness, boost metabolism, aid in digestive health, cleans the body of toxins and impurities and more.
  • The community. At Javita, we know you care about more than just ways to make income at home. If your job doesn’t make you happy then it doesn’t matter where you work. We are committed to enhancing the lives of our team members and consumers by building a sense of community and camaraderie with each other.

If you know more than five coffee drinkers, you can successfully earn residual income with Javita — and that’s just the start.

Unlike other brands and ways to make residual income, we have a formula and product that cannot fail. If you want a job that will help you pay for that family vacation while helping millions obtain optimal health, join team members Bill and Dawn Ball and the Javita family.